Enable b43 drivers in Backtrack5 r2

NOTE: Changing additional options in the ncurses config without knowing what the options do might break your kernel!
  • Enabling b43 drivers in BT5 R2 will require recompiling your kernel.
root@bt:~# apt-get dist-upgrade
root@bt:~# prepare-kernel-sources
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# zcat /proc/config.gz > .config
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# make menuconfig
  • Configure your kernel to use b43 instead of the default brcmsmac drivers by selecting the BCMA support option. To get to this option, navigate to :
Device Drivers -> Broadcom specific AMBA.

B43 1.png

B43 2.png

  • Add the BCMA support as a module, and "Support for BCMA on PCI-host bus" as shown below

B43 3.png

  • Exit the ncurses menu config, and build your kernel package:
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# make prepare
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# make
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# make modules_install
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# make install
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# update-initramfs -u
root@bt:/usr/src/linux# update-grub2


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