Configuring a Samba Server (windows file server)

1.Check the necessary rpm
#rpm -q samba

2.set the samba work group name according to windows work group or domain name.
#nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
Press CTRL + W
Search >>>> “ mygroup
delete the mygroup and type your windows work group or domain name

3.Start the samba service
#service smb start
#chkconfig smb on
4.Now you will be able to see the samba servers through my network places in windows, but you wont be able to access them unless you create samba user accounts in linux.

5.You must have a Linux user account first
#useradd uddika
#passwd uddika can convert them in to samba
#smbpasswd -a uddika
you can use user current password or another one.

7.Once you add a user to samba his home folder will be automatically shared. How to share a different folder through samba.

8.Create a folder to share
#cd /
#mkdir test

9.sharing above folder through samba
#nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
Go to a end of file, to a new line
path = /test
public = yes
writable = yes

10.Save and exit the file
CTRl + O

11.Reload the samba service
#service smb reload

12.Although we give a writable samba permissions, normal samba users wont be able to witting to the folder though windows, unless we change the ext3 file folder permissions properly.

13.See current permissions
#cd /
#ls -ld test

14.Change current permissions
#chmod 757 test
#ls -ld
now normal users can access share folder


  1. OH boy.

    No wonder people run away from Linux so often.
    I think most people (new people) will install the GUI version as most come from a windows environment and to them, thats what they know.

    I love Linux but cricky-jones, I am going to install Centos 6.4 with GUI. There are ways to set up Samba with a GUI.

    Iam not against anyone, but the only way people will ever take to Linux is if you start staying away from "type this", then "type this" and start doing things with the GUI.


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