Download & Install BackTrack to Disk

NOTE: It is recommended that you have a minimum of 10 GB free disk space to install Backtrack!
  • Boot the Backtrack Live Environment.
  • At the bash prompt, type startx to enter the GUI.
  • Double click the Install on the desktop
  • Let's run through the installer step by step:
  • We select our language, in this case English and then click the Forward button.

Bt5 hdd install01.png

  • Here we select out geographical location (The Region and Time Zone) and click Forward.

Bt5 hdd install02.png

  • Chose your keyboard layout. We are going to leave it the default which is USA and click Forward.

Bt5 hdd install03.png

  • Now it’s time to partition the Disk, for a full Disk installation we choose the “Erase and use the entire disk” option and click Forward.

Bt5 hdd install04.png

  • In this screen we are able to check our install options, check them to make sure everything is right than click “Forward”.

Bt5 hdd install05.png

  • WARNING: When the installer reaches 99% the process might take some time so DO NOT panic, wait about 10-15 minutes.

Bt5 hdd install06.png

  • Hit the Restart Now button, and enjoy Backtrack!

Bt5 hdd install07.png

  • After the reboot, you can log in with the default username root and password toor. Do not forget to change this default root password by issuing the passwd command.
  • As you can see the splash screen disappeared after the reboot. In order to fix it just run fix-splash, and the splash screen will appear on the next boot.

BackTrack Live USB Install

This method of getting a live install to a USB drive is the simplest available using Unetbootin. Note that we will format the USB drive and erase its contents.
  1. Plug in your USB Drive (Minimum USB Drive capacity 2 GB)
  2. Format the USB drive to FAT32
  3. Download Unetbootin from
  4. Start Unetbootin and select diskimage (use the backtrack-final ISO)
  5. Select your USB drive and click “OK” for creating a bootable BackTrack USB drive
  6. Log into BackTrack with the default username and password root / toor.

Download : BackTrack 5 R2


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